Happy Fourth

Hoping everyone had an amazing holiday weekend. We had big plans to go camping with a family we know is being equally cautious at this unique time in our country, but with campgrounds super busy, we decided on a backyard camping staycation. We feel so fortunate to have been able to celebrate at home with close friends. We set up tents, cooked outside, played yard games, ate many s’mores, and spent most of our time on the lake.

I’m honestly not sure if the kids or adults had more fun. This year was unlike any 4th we have experienced in our home. On Saturday night, you could not look in an direction without seeing the most incredible fireworks. The weather was absolutely perfect for floating on the water with the kids. A few weeks ago we found the coolest floating island at Sam’s Club, and I couldn’t recommend it enough. It was unbelievably comfortable. There are six large seats, two coolers, and a kiddie pool area (which the kiddos could not get enough of!).

And the food. Oh the food. Friday night we roasted chicken with pasta salad. Saturday was eggs and bacon, the most amazing lobster boil, and fire roasted hot dogs and sausages, followed by s’mores. Sunday we finished with chocolate chip and blueberry pancakes with fruit salad, chicken and steak kabobs (pro tip: add pineapple), and a huge cookie dough ice cream cake, oh yeah, and more s’mores. So good.

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