Heading Cross Country with a Toddler!

Here we go…

Today we set off for our biggest trip ever. We have taken Elliott abroad, and honestly, an airplane is far less daunting than the trek we are embarking on. We are about to drive across the country, and we’re doing it with a toddler! Our trip begins in Vermont, crosses to the Pacific, and ends at the Atlantic for a family wedding.

We are anxious and excited, and everything in between. With so much illness in the country, we have opted for a less traveled route. Having a cross country truck driver in the family allowed us to get the safety okay on our overnight stops, which has been a huge help. That being said, we are still hoping to make it through many National Parks along the way.

Hayden has transformed our VW Golf Sportwagen into a home on wheels. Our beds fold out, our clothes are in actual drawers, and the stove slides out the back. While we are bringing a tent for some stops, we know that we will spend many nights staring out of our sunroof while we fall asleep. This setup is actually super comfortable for all three of us, and Hayden can lay out flat (he is 6’5” for reference). I’m especially happy about this curtain set up. The light is not my friend when I’m trying to sleep. We will do a full car tour soon!

I think we packed more food than anything, but that is pretty typical for us. Hayden has planned meals for each day, and I loaded up on healthy snacks. We have both fresh and dried fruits and veggies, cheese and yogurt, nut bars and loads of peanut butter and crackers for Elliott.

My other packing weakness is skincare; I will save that for a full post because I could go on and on. With many climates and limited space, I packed smart but light. Below is what I brought! We also have swimsuits for lake stops along the route. We are a family who can’t be away from water too long, especially our little guy. Something about the water just centers us for the day.

Our Instagram will have updates every mile of the way.

We can’t wait to share our journey with you!

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