Day 1 in the books

Our first 24 hours couldn’t have gone better! We left New Hampshire in the morning and headed northwest. We stopped at the nicest rest area on the Erie Canal in New York for lunch and had a picnic under a tree. It was hot and humid. Very humid. Luckily the trees provided some shade for us.

There were so few people around and they had so much empty grass space for Elliott to run along the water. Because we were alone at the rest area, we decided to go inside for some AC and the bathroom. They had the coolest vending machines full of all local products. We saw the Hop2O and had to try it. It is a mineral water with essential oil from hops added. Definitely a unique drink. After the break we got back in the car and headed to Niagara Falls.

Niagara Falls was gorgeous. Did you know that the falls dump 175 gallons of water every second?! The water was moving so fast that it looked so blue. We stuck to the top viewing areas, but the people who braved the lower viewing were definitely a bit soggy coming up. From Niagara, we went to our first sleeping spot of the trip in Irving, NY.

In Irving we were able to watch the sunset and prep the car to sleep. The truck stop was well lit, so our curtains came in handy. While we didn’t use most of their facilities, they had laundry, showers, a store, a diner, gas, and a cigar room. We used their bathrooms since they were cleaning nonstop and required masks.

Today we woke up early and left for Ohio. We will pass through many stops today and tomorrow, so stay tuned!

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