Road Tripping in our VW

Our vehicle set-up is something that we have been asked about more than anything. Although we are tenting and visiting family in some states, in many we are sleeping in our car. We decided to take our VW Sportwagen for this trip. It is incredibly comfortable and gets phenomenal gas mileage; it is also super long, which makes it ideal for sleeping. To be totally honest, we planned this in only a couple of days, so we have already talked about the improvements we would make for future roadtrips.

For this trip, we have two drawers that pull out from the trunk that we had from the Container Store. In the future we would build four drawers, having two deep drawers on the bottom and two shallow ones on top. Our drawers are holding our clothes and kitchen tools. The additional draw space would be ideal for our dry foods and bathroom products (which are currently in baskets).

Privacy curtains and air flow were also important pieces. King pillow cases, tension rods, and shower curtain rings were the ideal size for creating and holding our curtains. We have a sheer screen covering our panoramic sunroof so that it can be left open, and we attached a fan below that.

Hayden also built a platform for storing things neatly and sleeping on. The platform consists of two folding pieces that latch together to form our sleeping space. At night, he opens and attaches the two pieces after folding the back seats down. Once set, we have foam mattresses and sheets for on top. While not yet perfect, it was a quick and sufficient set up, that turned out to be pretty comfortable for us all.

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