Colorado, We Love You

We expected to love Colorado, but we loved it even more than we imagined. In driving through Colorado you are able to experience so many different environments. We saw forests, snow, red rocks, sand dunes, canyons, rivers, lakes, and cities. It was incredible. If you ever get the chance to drive through this state, do it! We entered Colorado from the west, traveled to Denver, Colorado Springs, over the Rockies through Breckenridge and Frisco by Keystone, Vail, Avon, and Aspen, stopped in Eagle, drove through Glenwood Canyon and Palisade before making our way into Utah.

We so wish we had more time to spend in Denver. We drove into the city long enough to park and grab a flight at Denver Beer Company. In our short walk, we saw a clean area full of art and trendy places we’d love to visit. Denver Beer Co was a fun stop with great beers and generous spacing for Covid conscious families, couples, and friends. We appreciated the variety of beer they had, as well as their sister brewery next store. When visiting them, you can also order from the taps at Cerveceria Colorado. We ordered a huge variety (a flight of five from each location), and there was not a beer we didn’t like. We took a six pack of Juicy to go, but we are suckers for a good IPA. This is a city we will definitely come back to.

Colorado Springs was gorgeous and Hayden’s favorite city so far. We were lucky enough to stop here for a visit with family. It was a nice change of pace. We had dinner, sipped wine on the deck overlooking the Rockies, slept in a real bed, and went for a walk around the neighborhood in the morning. Getting from Denver to Colorado Springs, we hit a little traffic along construction and an accident, but it was otherwise a smooth ride. Once in Colorado Springs the traffic dissipated and deer were everywhere, and we mean everywhere. The deer here will walk right up to you in your yard to nibble at your landscaping; it was crazy. After passing some deer on our morning walk, we visited the Tuberculosis Sanatorium. It was pretty surreal to view the housing here.

Eagle is a small town, but the visitors center is a perfect lunch spot. We pulled off to use the wifi, bathrooms, picnic tables, and river. It was a quick stop, but a worthy one.

Driving through the Rockies was stunning, but entering Glenwood Canyon took our breath away. This Canyon is a 16 mile drive along the Colorado River. While the recreational sports are pretty limitless here, the drive was certainly a site to experience in itself. Elliott was obsessed with the tunnels that we passed through along the road. The retaining walls and weaving bridges gave us views of the people white water rafting below and hiking on the sides. The canyon is also known for its wildlife population, but we did not venture off of the main road due to our time constraints.

Before driving into Utah, we were able to find some Palisade Peaches. We were told they are the best and only available when in season. Wow. They were phenomenal. So juicy. So sweet, but still tart. I will be asking around for these once we return to Vermont. All in all, we can’t wait to make a return visit to Colorado.

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