Iowa was such a surprise for us! We went into this trip thinking that Iowa was a state that we would drive through to get to other destinations. It was not at all. We ended up loving our time in Iowa. Although it takes a while to get through, Iowa was blanketed with unbelievable farmland and windmills. The farmland was unique to the farms back home in New England. They grow mostly corn and soybeans, but they used a beautiful tiered system to do so.

Iowa is also home to the World’s Largest Truck Stop on I-80. This place was so fun for our little guy. It was packed with trucks, lights, animal statues, and yummy treats. For truckers they have pretty phenomenal amenities. They had everything from dentists and massage therapists to showers and laundry. We left with a stuffed giraffe, local cheese, and espresso.

We stayed the night in Old Town Country Park in the small town of Macedonia. The downtown was so adorable and is along the Pioneer trail and a winding river. Old Town Country Park is a free campground that we found on (watch for our reviews there along the way). While the campground typically has bathrooms, they were currently locked. The grounds are first come first serve. We were able to set up next to the river and a covered picnic table with power. It was such a perfect spot.

We loved spreading out and making dinner under the sunset. As we finished eating, we started seeing owls all over the campground. It was so fun walking around watching the owls, while being surrounded by fireflies. In the morning Hayden jumped into the river before we broke down camp to head to Nebraska.

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