Utah, Take Two: The Great Salt Lake

We could not be more excited about visiting Utah again. We definitely covered the most territory in this state, but there is so much more to see. Hayden and I both agreed that if there is one single state from our road trip that we could both live in happily it is right here. Unlike most states, Utah allows you to experience nearly ever climate and landscape in our entire country within its own boundary lines. In trip two through this amazing land, we slept at a Cracker Barrel and visited one of the most extraordinary lakes we have ever visited (and lakes are our thing). We are so excited to share these spots with you and truly hope you can make it one day.

First off, if you have not utilized the overnight parking that Cracker Barrel welcomes, you should! This restaurant allows guests to stay overnight in their lots. We like to always double check with management before parking for the night, and the manager at this location (just outside of Provo) was so excited to have us park with them. He visited at the table for a bit until the server returned with our lemonades. Below is the view from where we had our drink and from where we parked and watched the sunset.

The one downfall to car camping is that sometimes you end up in a lot where there are some outside noises. I am an unbelievably light sleeper, so this spot was a little tough for me. The hotel in the next lot had pretty heavy foot traffic really early. The upside to this is that we were on the road before daylight. This became even more exciting when we reach The Great Salt Lake in time for sunrise. All I can say is wow.

We knew that floating in the lake would be something completely unique, but we didn’t expect being in Bridger State Park on Antelope Island to be such an impactful highlight of the entire road trip. It was so insanely gorgeous in ever direction. Even after the sun came up the colors were like a painting and the views were 360 degrees of perfection. If you are like us and have to pass through without overnighting here, I promise you that getting up to make it in time for sunrise is worth it 100%. We had the beach completely to ourselves. We took a dip, walked around a bit, and were able to use the facilities.

The park offers coin operated showers and bathrooms, which are cleaned and disinfected daily. The outdoor showers are free, but the private ones cost a total of a dollar for all three of us. There are also pavilions with picnic tables, a restaurant, multiple campgrounds, and countless trails. All that being said, the park is quite large, and we hope to stay overnight next time. Oh, and they have some of the coolest birds there I have ever seen, as well as tons of other wildlife. Next time, I so hope to be able to go horseback riding through the park. Seems like a pretty awesome way to soak in this unimaginable place.

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