Elliott’s Second Birthday

People say all the time how much time flies when you have little ones. When we had Elliott, time seemed to go too slowly, but then all of a sudden here we are, and it feels like just yesterday we were living at the hospital. Two years ago I was rushed into the hospital and…

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A night in Yellowstone National Park

When we spontaneously decided to go on this crazy road trip, hitting Yellowstone was a location on both of our lists. We knew that we wanted to visit as many national parks as we could in the time we had, and Yellowstone did not disappoint. While Wyoming, as a whole, was a little too lackluster…

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Utah, Take Two: The Great Salt Lake

We could not be more excited about visiting Utah again. We definitely covered the most territory in this state, but there is so much more to see. Hayden and I both agreed that if there is one single state from our road trip that we could both live in happily it is right here. Unlike…

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